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COSHH Assessment

Steps to making a COSHH assessment

1. Walk arond your workplace. Where is there potential for exposure to substances that might be hazardous to health? Examples include processes that emit dust, fume, vapour, mist or gas; and skin contact with liquids, pastes and dusts. Substances with workploace exposure limits (WELs) are hazardous to health.
2. In what way are the substances harmful to health? Get safety data sheets.
3. What jobs or tasks lead to exposure? Note these down. Note down the control measures you already use. For these jobs, how likely is any harm to workers’ health?
4. Are there any areas of concern, eg from the accident book? Examples include burns from splashes, nausea or lightheadedness from solvents etc.

Download our free COSHH assessment template

Below is a COSHH assessment template that can be downloaded for free!

Download COSHH assessment template

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